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Not just handmade jewelry, our packaging is also handmade with love and care.​To thank Mother Nature and her stunning beauty that inspired us, we insist on using recyclable eco-friendly packaging materials


Yuju Yen - Founder & Chief Designer​
Years of scientific training in biology inspired Yuju to find beauty in living organisms, plants and animals. She transforms the world she sees and feels into silver jewelry carved with her imagination and passion.

Her jewelry designs are not only wearable, but also artworks that live and glow vibrantly. They personify and complement one’s inner self and beauty.

​After more than five years of experience being a CAD designer in the fine jewelry industry, she is focused on creating elegance in every detail of her designs.

Budding Jewelry captures the stunning moments in our lives: blooming flowers, budding seeds, and slipping dews. It’s the little moments in our lives that make wonders, and Yuju wants to bring you these tiny bits of beauty all the time.

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